The Doctor's Bed

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The Doctor's Bed

It might seem that the Doctor's bedroom is the emptiest room in the TARDIS, that no one ever comes here, even the Doctor. But it's not entirely true. During the two thousand years of the Doctor's life there must have been someone. And there was.
First of all, there was Susan, his granddaughter. She had a regeneration sickness and in this time the TARDIS haven't got so many rooms as it has nowadays, so the Doctor has to lay her in there and take care of her.
Then there was Jamie McCrimmon, a young Scotsman who travelled with his second incarnation. He got some Algolian infection - he was tossing in his sleep, screaming and hallucinating about some deadly aliens, so his own bed wasn't big enough for him.
After him, Jo Grant spent the night in here, but this time it was different. She was with the Doctor. She was his first after his Gallifreyan wife he once had. He fell in love with her; his beautiful, young, sweet and clever Josephine. But eventually she left him because of some human professor and she broke both his hearts.
The room was empty for a while then; he didn't like to come here very often. It reminded him of Jo. But one day he met Nyssa of Traken. First time she's entered this room was when Teagan needed Nyssa's bedroom more than her while she was possessed by the Mara, an evil snake they've encountered on Deva Loka. Nyssa slept in the bed and her Doctor was sleeping on a couch, but later their relationship evolved into something more. She's been there a few more times since then.
After her there was Grace Holloway, a red-haired American cardiologist. She helped him to get there, laid him into his bed and covered him with several blankets after he has regenerated. Then she waited here in a big comfortable armchair that stood next to the bed until he woke up.
The Tenth Doctor brought Rose Tyler in here, twice.
And of course then there was his beloved wife, Professor River Song. Sometimes there were making love, sometimes they just sat here reading books or telling each other stories about adventures they've been into since they've last met.

But it still felt empty. He loved them very much, but he couldn't ever love them as much he loved his old friend.
His true love. His soul mate, the one and only. The Doctor's girls still weren't him. The Master. His best friend. Best enemy. Lover. They were in love since always; they could have never actually killed each other, despite their several attempts to do it. The constant fighting was just one of their silly endless games.
Yet it still was the Master, the man who always wanted to rule the universe and to conquer every planet he landed on. He could never change. But the Doctor accepted it a long time ago, he got over it.
He couldn't ever tell his companions, they wouldn't understand it. It was the Doctor's and the Master's little secret. Every time the Doctor was alone or when his friends were deeply asleep - and the Master always knew somehow - he came to him and they smooched and made love all night. Then the Master left like nothing happened and they continued in their usual "good and bad Time Lord" game.
In fact, they were together right now, in their latest incarnations. The Master was the Mistress now. "I've became a woman just for you, you know, my dear Doctor," she whispered to his ear and cuddled closer to him. "Why? I liked you the way you were before," he admitted. "Why? So we could look into each other's eyes while we fuck, that's why," she laughed in that sweet smile of hers that the Doctor loved on her so much.
(And now, when Clara's gone forever and he's alone again, they can be together for real and forever. Even as bad person as the Master deserves a happy ending.)

Ta poslední věta už je trochu moc, nemusí, ale může se počítat.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Yuri Yuri | Web | 21. listopadu 2015 v 18:12 | Reagovat

Fůj, nejhorší blog na světě!!!
P.S.: Píšu líp!!!
P.P.S.: Otřesný dess!!!

2 Sophie (Naranique) Sophie (Naranique) | Web | 21. listopadu 2015 v 20:00 | Reagovat

Co jsem ti udělala, hm? Dobře, nepíšu nejlíp, to vím, a tenhle fanfic je divnej, ale tohle si můžeš nechat pro sebe.

3 Simona Gray Simona Gray | Web | 22. listopadu 2015 v 9:56 | Reagovat

Prečo. A to vyzeralo na také pekné ráno...To len ja mám povolenie lámať ľuďom srdcia heartbreaking poviedkami :D :D :D

[1]: Woooow, Yuri žije!!!!

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